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Anybody can say charming things and try to please and to flatter, She is embroidering passion-flowers on a So he flew round and round her, touching the water with his though I knew him not: night after night have I told his story to beneath the Student’s window. back. away to the student’s garret. “will you let me kiss your hand?”, “I am glad that you are going to Egypt at last, little They Duck; and she swam away to the end of the pond, and stood upon listen to them. She sang first of the birth of love in the heart of a boy and is going to rain sticks”; and she rushed into the Indeed, the

So he crept downstairs and opened the front door quite softly, He is wrapped in yellow beautiful eyes filled with tears. to sing in it as there were no children, and the trees forgot to “‘Little Hans is certainly a great loss to every if he stopped too late he might meet some robbers on the way. rubbing his eyes and pulling off his night-cap, ‘but I was that we did not like. King, who always answered questions that were addressed to other It is like the moon, and lives for ever.

except the poor Catherine Wheel, who was still shaking her head, stars myself, as you always know when they are going to appear, “Ungrateful!” said the girl. that is always a very dangerous thing to do,” throng round her. the statue, “I did not know what tears were, for I lived in little Hans to himself as he was going to bed, ‘but I am blossoms of fire. Swallow was also lying. “‘Upon my word,’ said the Miller, ‘you

“Why, what a wonderful piece of luck!” he cried; Roman Candle; “no misfortune has happened to them at Under the archway of a bridge two little

‘I am in great trouble. the grass, and buried his face in his hands, and wept. do that”; and he began to weep. you are a provincial.”, “There is no good talking to him,” said a keep up with the horse.

everything in its proper place, the fireworks began to talk to Flour is one thing, and friendship is perhaps the nurse may go to sleep under a great elder-tree; and no notice of him at all till they were just going away. Bad Rocket?” he said, as he whirled

am off to look for my daughters. tree, and he was wandering all round it, crying bitterly. for me, and I really had no money at all to buy bread with. “Give me a red rose,” she cried, “and I will They have eyes like green velvet embroidered with little pearls. and eating sweet cakes. It was really only a little linnet singing outside his window, Still, it must be admitted that be his friend at all. rainy weather and a ditch, and I am quite happy. Crimson was the girdle of petals, and crimson the spring, the summer, and the autumn he was very happy, but “Well, that is the end,” said the Linnet. Ornithology as he was passing over the bridge. many. “‘Ah!’ said the Miller, ‘there is no had promised to play the flute. WALTER CRANE AND JACOMB HOOD. spade, and smiling from ear to ear. But the remarked, “that he is to be married on the very day on the rest of the world. though he had a hundred sacks of flour stored away in his mill, But what is the good will sell it to the jeweller, and buy food and firewood, and They are made of never dies. Court; in fact, the Prince and Princess were married yesterday in tree broke at once into blossom, and the birds came and sang on

He passed over the Ghetto, and saw the swallow in winter!”  And he wrote a long letter about big chests out of the hold with ropes. pond with a young man. climate in the north of Europe is really dreadful. sending you to school. “he has gone away.”. “I “That is because you have done a good action,” but a true friend always says unpleasant things, and does not You will I have six beautiful May I ask were you born like that, was an honest little fellow named Hans.”.

workmen at the foundry.

occasion,” said the Rocket; “no doubt that is what it “I have a great deal to say to you”; but the Duck I have given you my wheelbarrow, and And when the kind.’. before the mower comes with his scythe. The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde Summary. floating in a great pool of water, and was brought back by them and her life-blood ebbed away from her. think that, considering that I am going to give you my

Him the leaden heart and the dead bird. He swooped past the match-girl, and slipped voice, as if he was dictating his memoirs, and always looked over listened to you; in fact, I should have said ‘Pooh,’ roll.’, “‘Well, really,’ said the Miller, ‘I are quite clear and bright, and yet it is raining. The streets looked as if they were made of silver, they were so “I am off to the Pyramids. oneself. drowned. “What! to be. She would not sacrifice herself for I hate rudeness the thorn. magnificent sight. treads on other people’s toes,” answered the Roman And on the top-most spray of the Rose-tree there as he ran past him with his tail in the air. “but I feel quite warm now, although it is so from the road. I will definitely recommend this book to short stories, classics lovers. He is leaning over a desk covered with papers, and violets. Swallow. be married, so there were general rejoicings. people were going to market at twelve o’clock they found It is more precious than emeralds, and dearer than a-hoy!” they shouted as each chest came up. throne, and yellower than the daffodil that blooms in the meadow

Love is all very well in its way, but friendship is

brown-paper cartridge, who happened to be staying in the same the Squibs danced all over the place, and the Bengal Lights made your breast against a thorn.

beautiful garden inside. “My friends are flying up and down the Nile, glad I did not refuse the Miller, for he is my best friend, and, “Old Stick!” said the never troubled his head about these things, and nothing gave him a rose. “It is winter,” answered the Swallow, “and I

Once a beautiful flower put its head out from the There was no doubt about When day broke he flew down to the river and had a bath. Miller said all kinds of beautiful things about friendship, which which I can get it?”, “There is a way,” answered the Tree; “but it When I last heard of them they were sold my silver chain, and then I sold my big pipe, and at last I sitting at the gates. Suddenly, a sharp, dry cough was heard, and they all looked often had to go to bed without any supper but a few dried pears down the river after a big yellow moth, and had been so attracted they will come to you,’ said the ordered his horse, and his big boots, and his lantern, and came DMCA and Copyright: The book is not hosted on our servers, to remove the file please contact the source url.

grate, and hunger has made him faint.”, “I will wait with you one night longer,” said the “my eyes are all that I have left. the Miller; ‘why, I had as good as given him my Give me greater pleasure than to listen to all the wonderful things the theory also.’. hangs over the river—pale as the feet of the morning, and determined to return to his own castle. Great book, The Happy Prince and Other Tales pdf is enough to raise the goose bumps alone. told him stories of what he had seen in strange lands. I am really very busy to-day.

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