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Using the word obliterate, however, is the kind of language that we have seen George Bush use over the last seven years and it's precisely that kind of provocative language that Senator Clinton criticized others for. A computer, he argued, obliterated all that felt alive. The characters have such nomadic backgrounds that they obliterate categorical stereotypes. How do you spell obliterate in a sentence? obliterate (verb) - remove completely from recognition or memory. Hillary Clinton has just threatened to "obliterate" Iran if it attacks Israel. obliterate (verb) - remove completely from recognition or memory. Source null; I read your story about Clinton wanting to "obliterate" Iran. 70 million people, five times the size of Iraq, and which troops, exactly, will be going? Here is sentence with the word obliterate, "He needs to obliterate his childhood memories so as to enjoy life." To remove completely, leaving no trace; to wipe out; to destroy. Words that often come before obliterate in sentences. The lights of a city almost entirely obliterate it. But to obliterate from the Constitution the principle of eternal peace will be nothing but an act of betrayal against the peoples of. I've always said that I would not vote for Hillary because of her foreign policy - Iraq vote, Kyl-Lieberman, and lately "obliterate" Iran. How can obliterate be used in a sentence? How to use obliterate in a sentence. She sounds to me like a Republican with her "obliterate" comment on Iran. : 2. Obliterate means to wipe out completely or destroy. She said that we were able to obliterate, which is technically a true statement of fact, and she said it was appropriate for the United States to be very serious in showing its commitment to Israel's security. We shall in time obliterate cancer by the same means. Hillary will pull the trigger to, as she says, "obliterate" another country. We can send the yuppies running, eradicate the trustafarians, The grains of truth in their claim explode in their minds into hatred and, The undulations of the bilayer in those vestibules could, In this prophecy it talks about a key that will destroy and completely, I think we designers are aware of this messiness, and overcompensate for it by attempting to, I smeared my face with Jolen creme bleach, trying to, It pulls out all the stops to try to wipe her slate clean, to, Their rough cross-hatching disrupts but does not, We've become a nation of germophobes, battling to, In fact, the new Flavian dynasty which took control of Rome in AD 69 erected this vast pleasure palace for the people precisely in order to, Commanders may also control huge mechanical war machines, devastating artillery and gigantic starships as they attempt to, However, these cavils aside, this is a very charming and delightful production and one which, as I have indicated, goes a long way to, This repulsion is of fundamental importance in conventional nuclear physics because it prevents mergers that would, Yet to destroy the precious book would be to, Not until another period of prolonged warfare during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic era did the rhetoric of Britishness soften if not, These two aspects of airpower permitted the German and Austrian attackers to use large-caliber guns to, And that's why when our sleuths are assigned any project, they dig right uptill they, The drug combination was shown to work by lethal mutagenesis that could, The second conventional warhead version is a fragmentation version that would disperse thousands of tungsten rods which could, He moved toward it very carefully, in order not to, The SLYDEATER Slide Destruction System is a machine designed to pulverize glass slides and, It would almost seem as if Nature herself had tried to, Then it became the province of the chanter to completely, These being specimens of Peter's youthful genius, it went more to his heart to, Exactly which state is being identified as rogue is unclear, but the red lines violently disrupt and. Search Example Sentences for any English Word For example: "obliterate the" or "obliterate all". I would have voted for her - but she lost me on her 3am ads - and her "obliterate" Iran bellicosity. But we trusted to the great rains that had fallen to, The others bare, save for the shadows, which were fast creeping to, Reason tells us, they say, that we ought to organize universally and, The example of Egyplosis if carried out universally would. 2. You may have an easier time writing sentences with obliterate if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. Examples of obliterate in a sentence The dictator’s army is going to obliterate the rebel’s small village in less than five minutes. She went on to say that we have the ability to "obliterate" Iran if this happens. When CNN's Rick Sanchez had a panel discussion on Hillary's "obliterate Iran" comment, he rhetorically asked words to the effect "well, 'obliterate' is just a word ... what she meant was we would deal with Iran harshly ... so what's wrong with that?". Merriam-Webster tells us that the root of "obliterate" comes from the Latin word "littera", for "letter," so that obliterate really means to destroy the alphabet -- to erase not only every word but the very capacity to create words. We aren't too fond of presidents who threaten to "obliterate" countries, just to impress certain influential voting blocks. Using the word obliterate, however, is the kind of language that we have seen George Bush use over the last seven years. Use "obliterate" in a sentence During her reign, Danaya, along with her sisters travelled back in a sentence example for obliterate, and how to make obliterate in sample sentence, how do I use the word obliteratein a sentence? View other definitions. I want "obliterate" -- that would be justice condign, for the rag that brought us Walter Duranty and Neil Sheehan, and all those gay front-page editors in "Pinchy".

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