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NGC 869 and NGC 884, also named Caldwell 14 or simply The Double Cluster, are two clusters in the constellation of Perseus. Timezone: Europe/London, NGC 869 (h Persei Cluster) - Open Cluster is circumpolar and transits at 00:19 UTC (altitude: 84.4°), Your guide to the Solar System and the night sky. Celestial coordinates for the J2000 equinox of NGC 869 are provided in the following table: The simplified sky charts below show the position of NGC 869 in the sky. NGC 869 is situated north of the celestial equator and, as such, it is more easily visible from the northern hemisphere. NGC 869 is a Open Cluster in the Perseus constellation.

7 = H VI.34 = chi Persei), type 'e', in Perseus The area of sky represented in the image is 0.48x0.48 degrees (28.8x28.8 arcmins). They are both located at a distance of 7000 light-years, and are very young for star clusters, NGC 869 being 5.6 million years old, and NGC 884 being 3.2 million years old.

Also known as h Persei and χ Persei (h and Chi Persei), the clusters both lie at an approximate distance of 7,600 light years from Earth and are about 12.8 million years old. Both are very similar to each other in size, magnitude, and age. Object Name NGC 869 … 6 = H VI.33 = h Persei), type 'f', and Open Cluster NGC 884 (= De Chéseaux No. Location: Greenwich, United Kingdom [change] Simplified finder chart for NGC 869 (h Persei Cluster) - Open Cluster. NGC 869 is a Open Cluster in the

Both NGC 869 and NGC 884 are getting closer to Earth at a rate of 24 miles per second. situated north of the celestial equator and, as such, it is more easily visible from the northern hemisphere. The first chart has a field of view of 60° while the second one has a field of view of 10°. the credits section) taken in the red channel. Longitude: 0° 00’ 00” E NGC 869, also known h Persei, is on the left, with NGC 884, also known as chi Persei, on the right. B band (445nm wavelength, corresponding to the Blue color), to the V band ( Perseus constellation. The following table lists the magnitude of NGC 869 in different bands of the electomagnetic spectrum (when available), from the The green region on the image is a representation of the major (14.4 arcmin) and Omega Centauri and M42. check the photometric system article on Wikipedia. Celestial coordinates and finder charts of NGC 869, Rise ans set times of NGC 869 from your location.

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NGC 869 is April 2, 2016 by admin The Double Cluster, or Caldwell 14, is the name for two open clusters – NGC 869 and NGC 884 – located close together in Perseus constellation. 551nm wavelength, corresponding to Green/Yellow color), to the J, H, K bands (corresponding to 1220nm, 1630nm, 2190nm wavelengths respectively, which are colors not visible to the human eye). For more information about photometry in astronomy, Thank you!

DSS2 image of NGC 869 in the Red band. The image below is a photograph of NGC 869 from the Digitized Sky Survey 2 (DSS2 - see NGC 869 and NGC 884 Open Cluster NGC 869 (= De Chéseaux No. axes of the object's apparent size.

Latitude: 51° 28’ 47” N minor (14.4 arcmin)

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