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● In your mixing bowl combine the bleaching powder with the developer. ● Light gray can look a little too similar to lavender hair but just duller, so it’s best used as an accent. ● Pastel colors with lavender hair will make you look like a unicorn princess. This Yzma-inspired hairstyle is feathery and soft with an underlying layer of darkness, just like our favorite Disney villain. These are what we think of as bombshell waves. Then we have those whose skin has warmer golden or yellow undertones. Combining different shades of purple can lead to a really gorgeous hairstyle, especially when applied in a perfectly blended colormelt! When you take lavender hair and style it so it can be as glossy as can be, the icy result is actually pretty hot! If you’re ready to try lavender hair then you’ve probably already got a keen sense of fashion. Mix up a small batch of the bleach first, and use it to dye a small piece of hair that is towards the back of your head. While I did recommend staying away from orangey complexion colors, the same rule doesn’t apply to orange or copper eyeshadows. Meant to counter brassiness in bleached hair, purple shampoos have a light purple tint that will be deposited into your hair every time you use them and will help keep your ultra-light lavender hair looking fresh. Lavender Lavenderの色見本。Lavenderの色の由来や説明については現在準備中です。しばらくお待ちください。 This would have also been nice as an ombre, since the grape layer and lavender layer work so nicely together, but the sombre transition definitely keeps things a bit chicer.

The striking purple roots are beautifully contrasted by the ultra-pale lavender locks. Lavender hairstyles beg to be played with! In this example, #000008 is the darkest color, while #f3f3ff is the lightest one. Bleach can take a serious toll on your hair, and only an experienced hair colorist can get you down to the near-platinum shade of blonde necessary for lavender hair without risking significant damage to the hair. Check on the strand every ten minutes, and once you’re happy with its lightness level you can remove the bleach – just don’t wait longer than 50 minutes! With this kind of technique, the tones matter less, but we gotta admit that the combo of purple, smoky lavender and pink is a pleasing one all on its own. Darkening your hair is the easiest way to erase all signs of the lavender hair dye. Color removers are basically weak bleaches, and they will do a quick and thorough job of removing most lighter colors from the hair. We’ve also included maintenance tips so you can keep your lavender hair color looking fresh.

● Heat opens up the hair cuticle and causes color to bleed out, so avoid washing your hair in hot water (opt for cool or lukewarm water instead). They work very harmoniously with lavender hair, creating an interesting color story.

If you’re wanting to switch to a darker fashion hair color it is probably better if you try to strip at least a bit of lavender hair dye first, following one of the stronger methods I describe here. If you are bleaching your hair at home for the first time you will want to perform a strand test. The copper roots in this look are a great twist on the classic silver and lavender-streaked hair.

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